The Nehemiah Program - Rebuilding Lives and Communities of St. Louis
About Us
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All About Us!
The Nehemiah Program presently owns and manages a growing portfolio of rental units which are primarily reserved for special needs populations and low- to moderate-income individuals and families. These units are located on scattered sites throughout the Greater St. Louis area. It has been the policy of The Nehemiah Program to avoid concentrating too many units occupied by special needs tenants in any one location. Integrating these families into stable existing neighborhoods avoids the stigma often attached to a “project”.
The primary populations targeted for assistance include low- to moderate-income families, first-time homebuyers, persons with disabilities, individuals fleeing domestic violence, or low-income homeless or near homeless families in need of safe, adequate, and affordable housing.
Our Values
The Nehemiah Program and House(s):
  1. Meet quality, health, safety, and ethical standards.
  2. Have on-going timely, voluntary linkages to direct and indirect services
  3. Promote enthusiasm for its participants, including participation in self-help groups as well as employment, education, and/or volunteerism, if and when advantageous or necessary.
  4. Develop and practice Good Neighbor relations.
  5. Work collaboratively and in conjunction with local neighborhood officials and plans that stabilize neighborhoods.
  6. Have residents who can take care of themselves on a daily basis and be active in their individual development plans to promote successful daily living.
  7. Participate in a larger supportive network of housing providers in the St. Louis community
  8. Emphasize self-sustainability of the residents within a supportive community environment.
  9. Participate in regular trainings.
Mon - Fri: 9AM - 5PM
Sat: 8AM - Noon
Sun: Closed
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